Fragments (2013-present)

What is it like to be in a relationship and be constantly separated from your lover? Through my long-term project Fragments, I explore how it feels to be together and apart as lovers. The long wait. The longing to be reunited. The joy of being together. The special moments of everyday life along with the anxiety and pressure of an imminent separation. Fragments is a story of a chase, a love letter slowly unfolding across the sea.
I met John in London, UK, in 2012. We fell in love during that summer. Friends, dinners, parties and walks in the park. Time did not constrain us back then, we were floating peacefully in a never-ending today. When I moved to New York City, our time together started to become precious and intensified and this visual journey began.
I smell you once more, I breathe in the fresh breeze from the sea, then I leave. Three cities, four countries, two continents. The starting point in London then New York – my adopted home, Dublin – John’s homeland in Ireland and the North East part of Italy, where I grew up. These are the emotional landscapes of a tale of love and trust, friendship, separation and reunion.