TLP Editions | Fragments

Published by PhotoIreland Foundation
Softcover | 36 pages | 148×210 mm

In the past few months I have been collaborating with Ángel Luis González and Julia Gelezova of PhotoIreland Foundation on a booklet version of Fragments for their TLP Editions.

TLP Editions is an ongoing collection produced and designed by PhotoIreland presenting works by contemporary artists in the form of accessible and inexpensive publications. These are available at The Library Project in Dublin as well as being showcased at international festivals and stockpiled in shelves and collections such as the HasselbladFoundation Library and the Martin Parr Foundation.

Limited to 200 copies per project, each booklet consists of 36 A5 pages, shares a common design approach and is printed on 100gsm matt premium paper.

TLP Editions | Fragments is now available for purchase. If you are interested you can either get in contact with me directly about ordering a copy or buy it online at The Library Project.