Your Meat is Mine

Your Meat is Mine


The aim of the project is to reflect on what is behind the consumption of meat in modern society. Your Meat is Mine has been shot inside farms and slaughterhouses in Slovenia.


The main purpose of the photo essay is to point out how human consumerism is able to turn a basic need into a compelling demand, transforming, in this case, animals, into mere objects. For this reason I have decided to tell the story from the animals’ perspective, deliberately excluding humans from most of the pictures.


To do so, I have used the three stages of meat production (livestock farming, slaughterhouses and preparation of meat for selling in the market), mixing them in a non-chronological way in order to tell a different story. With the end point being, not the meat which is ready to be served, but the organs and blood – the only remains from the live body left behind in the coldness of the slaughterhouse.